Shakti – Invoking Your Goddess Energy

In Hinduism, it’s believed the soul is meant to carry on, live through multiple lives before it can reach salvation. In each of these lives we are meant to overcome obstacles, develop resilience towards the negativity and hold on to those that love you because they are what make you stronger. I believe in this concept wholeheartedly and follow it by invoking my Shakti.

In deity worship your inner being identifies in mind, body and spirit with a divine energy. In idol meditation deities are symbolic of the simplistic state that transcends duality and is not constricted by mine or yours. All beings are divine, part of the cosmic universe but this eludes the simple and most intelligent minds.

The yogic sages of ancient India believed in energy fields, also known as quantum physics, by stating that a subtle vibratory energy exists in all beings. Yogis relate this vibration energy to an expression of Shakti, the divine goddess power. That what is happening in reality, is Shakti’s dance, which manifests as our being, thoughts, beliefs, and also the physical realm.

Hinduism believes that reality, while having no form or dimension, manifests itself as divine energy. Shakti, takes on the personifications of the energies that make up the world and our consciousness. Identifying with the Shakti in us, we bring about emotions and wavelengths that typically we are unaware of. Coming to the realization that we are a part of the divine cosmic universe and share with Her our fears, hopes and successes.

The Hindu idols and sculptures are powerful symbolic forms of energies that represent an array of emotions and cosmic forces. Meditating on a deity, a spiritual carving or a sculpture of divine nature helps in transforming consciousness. Even the simple presence of the form can bring transformative forces within the mind and heart. Protection, inner growth and a growing awareness of the divine bring forth the Shakti energy in all of us.

Goddess energy is manifested as Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati – the cosmic energies of strength, beauty, and wisdom. Durga “the unfathomable one” is the cosmic warrior goddess, that battles ignorance and dispels darkness. Goddess Durga riding a lion, carrying weapons in her arms, her face shining with peace and compassion is the power behind sensational breakthroughs.

Durga’s dark manifestation, Goddess Kali represents the dissolving power of time and the timelessness of deep meditation. Kali is beyond any norm and convention. Dark as the night, tongue thrust out, dancing on Shiva, with a garland of skulls she represents the stillness of meditation where no thoughts exist except for the realization of infinite space.

Sri Lakshmi or the Goddess of good fortune is the essence of abundance and harmony. As the deity of wealth and good fortune, standing on a lotus flower, she is the Shakti of prosperity and blissful benevolence.

Saraswati, pure flowing energy, creative inspiration, dressed in white, holding the sacred texts, mala beads and the veena, she is iconic of mantra fulfillment. Her swan, whose beak can separate the milk of wisdom from the water of material existence, Saraswati’s great gift is mental acumen that gives us discernment and leads us to find divinity in the world

Deity puja is a powerful way to free ourselves from egos, so we can identify with our Shakti in its purest form. When we invoke the goddesses as a source we open ourselves to the subtle divine energy always present within us, ready to show us the way.

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