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How To Make Your Facelift Last Longer

Making a facelift last longer is simple when following the advice of Dr Mark Doyle.

They say 50 is the new 30. People are breaking ageist stereotypes and making their own rules; living life as they choose and becoming happier because of it. When you feel like a young 30-year-old with wisdom and experience you should look the part. Facelifts are an opportunity to regain the face of your youth and do away with some of the wrinkles and jowls imposed on your face in time.

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens the skin on the face. Patients looking to get a facelift often choose the procedure for its semi-permanence. Nothing can beat the feeling of waking up and looking like a younger version of yourself.

A good skin care routine among other things can help you retain your youthful results for longer. It can even enhance the appearance of your face with flawless and glowing skin.

How can I maintain a good skin care routine?

A facelift can dramatically reduce the effects of ageing on your skin. It can make it tighter and smoother. However, it is important to remember that the skin on your face is still natural skin. This means that is prone to blemishes, pimples and other flaws. To try to prevent the gradual effects of ageing after your facelift, it is recommended that you maintain a good skincare routine. Dr Doyle recommends to cleanse, tone and moisturise with high-quality products twice daily. It is important to always make sure to remove makeup before you sleep.

Although your skin will remain tighter and smoother regardless, giving your skin a flawless finish will enhance your results as well as the health of your skin. Treating yourself to a facial or skin peel at our Medispa for an extra boost for your skin.

Talk to us at Gold Coast plastic surgery about our range of CURE skin care products. We can help you find the right products for you and your skin.

Take care of your skin from the inside

Symptoms of ill health, malnutrition, hormonal changes and a generally bad diet often can show up on the skin. This becomes noticeable when you see thinning, blemishes and rashes. Treat these problems from the source by ensuring that you are getting the right supplements and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Gold Coast Plastic surgery offers pharmaceutical strength supplements geared towards enhancing the results of your surgery. The supplements can improve your health. Based on a professional consultation you will be recommended a blend of supplements. These can help you in your anti-ageing process matching the results of your facelift to the feeling of health and youth.

Consider injectables

The results of a facelift are mainly concentrated in the lower part of your face. Many patients looking to regain a youthful face are also concerned with the forehead and skin around the eyes with expression lines and crow’s feet.

To treat the signs, of ageing injectables can be used to complete a youthful look across your whole face.

Waiting for your facelift to heal completely before attempting to add to your treatment with injectables is advised for optimum results.

Gold Coast Plastic surgery offers quality and professional injectable services aimed at the individual needs of each patient to treat areas of concern as requested.

Protect your investment

Sun exposure, smoking and sleep deprivation are among the top causes of facial ageing. Continuing with a lifestyle that exposes you to these habits may undo the work done on your face prematurely.

Reducing your smoking habit and considering quitting smoking altogether is beneficial to your overall and the health of your skin. Smoking cessation reduces the risk of creasing, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and spots.

Using a High SPF sunscreen can help reduce the effects of the sun on your skin. This helps to avoid sun spots and sunburn which may have permanent and damaging consequences for your skin.

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