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Penis Bumps: Why This Common Problem Occurs

Pimples aren’t just something that happens on the face, and unfortunately, it’s not something everyone leaves behind when they walk out of high school. Penis pimples are a common occurrence for men of all ages. These penis bumps can be unsightly, annoying, and even painful, depending upon where exactly they are and what caused them. Understanding a little bit about penis pimples can be a big advantage when a man goes to the doctor to figure out how to eradicate them. Here’s what every man needs to know.

Are Penis Pimples Actually Acne?

They could be. Remember, the skin of the penis is made of the same skin as the rest of the body. It feels different because it isn’t exposed to the elements nearly as often as the rest of the body, and it is more sensitive than other skin because of all the nerve endings clustered there. But it does have the same sebaceous glands, which produce oil, which can sometimes back up into the skin and cause a pimple to form.

What Else Could Cause Penis Bumps?

Other things can cause these bumps. Penis pimples might be very benign, just like pimples on the face can be. But sometimes they can be caused by other issues, such as herpes, syphilis, or genital warts. To be sure that a man is healthy, it’s important to see the doctor to make sure he doesn’t have these conditions, especially if the penis pimples pop up without warning or if he’s never had them before.

How to Treat Penis Pimples

Although it is sorely tempting to simply poke and pop the pimples and release the pressure from the inside, this is not a good idea. Trying to pop the pimples can force the bacteria deeper into the skin, thus leading to a widespread infection. In addition, opening up the penis pimples leaves a tiny opening in the skin, thus inviting bacteria to take hold. Finally, trying to pop a pimple on the penis can lead to serious pain, which no man wants to experience!

To take care of penis pimples, first visit the doctor to rule out other problems. Then, use warm compresses on the penis to help draw up the infection inside the pimple. It should open naturally and drain after doing this a few times. When that happens, clean the area thoroughly in the shower, pat dry, and keep the area as clean as possible in the coming days to allow it to heal.

Avoid Using Acne Creams

Although these creams are great for use on the face, that’s the point to remember – they are to be used on the face. The penis skin is much more sensitive and thinner, and that means that the creams can have an adverse effect on the skin down there. The chemicals in acne creams are designed to dry up the area, which can be a bad thing for the penis skin. And in fact, these creams can backfire when used on the penis; as the penis skin tries to heal itself, it produces more oil, which can then lead to more pimples.

How to Avoid Penis Pimples

There are some very simple ways to avoid penis pimples and other unsightly penis bumps. Start with daily washing with a mild cleanser. Wear cotton underwear to avoid trapping oils against the skin. Look at the overall holistic approach, such as a diet that is low in fast food and fatty foods, while being high in leafy greens and lean meats.

When the cleansing is done, always reach for a good penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). An oil that contains shea butter and vitamin E can help keep the skin smooth and supple. This helps ensure that any penis pimples that do occur have a better chance of vanishing quickly. He should also look for an oil filled with vitamins for skin health, such as vitamins A, B5, and C.

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