Are You Suffering From Sheer Depression? Know Its Early Signs

There are a lot of stigmas attached in our society with the issues of mental illness; some consider it to be a cause of shame while some tries to suppress it for as much as they can. If a near one suffers from mental illness, we tend to hide it from the world stating illogical reasons. But it’s high time we understand that the more we avoid talking about it, the more prone we are into something more hazardous. We all know the Benefits of Healthy Habits and thus we try our best to maintain a lifestyle which would help us lead a healthy life physically but what we often forget that being fit both mentally and physically is equally important. One major aspect of mental illness is suffering from depression and we often ignore the sign of it.

Let us find out about the symptoms of being depressed so that we can help ourselves and our near and dear ones from coping with it.

  • When you tend to be alone– the ones who suffer from sheer depression always tend to be alone. They seem to be lost on their own thoughts and refuses from coming out of that world. It is a very serious sign amongst depressed people and thus it must be checked with possible actions.

  • If you feel anxious, agitated and angry at the smallest of things– when a person suffers from acute depression, he or she tends to lose control over his or her behavior. That only means that they become irritated in the smallest of things or tends to be sad for nominal issues. It is when they need to be treated well so that their faith is restored at their near ones.

  • If you find ways to avoid people– this is a very common symptom that we should notice in the people surrounding us- they often tend to withdraw from people and places. This is not at all considered under Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life because it only means that you are not feeling better in the presence of those people and it may lead you to a more serious condition.

  • When you talk less– a very harmful and significant sign of being depressed is this one- going to a ‘silent mode’ literally. When people suffer from a heavy mode of depression they stop talking even to their near ones. They might just look like a completely normal person performing all their duties properly but deep down they suffer a lot. That is why some people seek the help of counselors or psychiatrists because they can at least talk about their problems to them. They do not get the courage to talk to other people as they think that they will be judged for their actions.

Generally, there is a perception amongst people that the Art of Healthy Living only surrounds in being physically fit but being mentally fit is majorly significant to survive well in our lives. People always link mental illness to being mad; that is a complete myth regarding mental health. A mentally ill person can suffer from many forms of ailment that the normal people don’t. Like being severely depressed, getting a feeling of disownment, inferiority complex, abnormal social behavior and many more. Thus, amongst all the Benefits of Healthy Habits, being mentally fit should be valued the most to sustain a good life in the long run. We all should learn to love ourselves first: it is when half the battle is won by leading a healthy life.

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