Cosmetic Surgery

5 Things That Show People It Might Be Time for Plastic Surgery

After reading all the stuff about cosmetic procedures and people continue to ask themselves if they need plastic surgery, here are 10 common signs that show that it is about time for them to consult a plastic surgeon.

1. They are not happy with some parts of their body.

Perhaps they would feel happy if they had a chin implant or if they have bat wings under their arms fixed to look better and feel more confident More often than not, patients undergo cosmetic procedures upon the request of another person so they should make sure that they are doing this for themselves.

That being said, some may be curious if their desired cosmetic procedure is commonly done. To give them an idea of what other people choose to go through, these are the 5 top cosmetic surgeries performed in 2019:

  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
  • Breast Augmentation and Reduction
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Various forms of Liposuction like for example, arm liposuction

2. Life is taking its toll.

During their lifetime, it is just normal for people to get blemishes and flaws along the way such as the stretch marks from the growth of breasts during pregnancy, disfiguration caused by accidents or some weird-looking defects since birth. When they are not happy with any of these, cosmetic surgery may be the solution to make them look a lot better.

3. Smile lines never go away.

Everyone goes through the aging process but some people show less signs than others. Wrinkles may start to appear when they reach their 30s but these look less pronounced with enough sleep and hydration. However, they never seem to disappear when they are in their 40s. If this is so, they might want to think of undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

4. Scars are acceptable.

Surgery somehow leaves scars. Certainly, there is a way for plastic surgeons to hide them or camouflage those that cannot be hidden. No matter how simple or advanced the cosmetic procedure, patients need to know where the scars will be and how big. This is important especially if they wear cropped tops, hip-huggers and 2-piece bathing suits as well as if their job has got to do with their appearance(actors, models, dancers).

5. There is money to spend.

The money spent on a breast reduction in 2019 reached almost $5500 as per American Society of Plastic Surgeons, while an abdominoplasty reached almost $6000. While people can always find a way to finance it, this can hurt their budget particularly if they could spend it on other necessities. Even if they want plastic surgery so badly now, will they want to stay on the road to make those payments? Will they be willing to pay for revision surgery if they needed it?

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