4 Actions to Stop Anxiety Thoughts in Their Path

If you are having anxiety or worrisome thoughts, it can be very hard to focus on a lot of different things when worry and anxiety comes. This worry can really bother you so much and you can get uncertainties. You might not be able to calm down or relax. However, there are ways to help your worrisome thoughts, and you will just need to practice to learn the ways to do this.

For some help to control your worries:

1. Control Your Breathing. If will be of benefit if you can change your breathing habits. This will help you with your worrisome thoughts. A lot of people with worrisome thoughts have breathing habits that give them feelings of worry that bother them very much. You will need to slow your breathing down. You can breathe in for about 7 seconds, hold for about 3 seconds, and then breath out slowly for about another 7 seconds. Try repeating this process a few times. This is an exercise of breathing that will help you so that you are not upset with taking a lot of breaths.

2. Affirmations. Affirmations can be helpful to some people. Those that use affirmations find them to be very helpful. Affirmations are things that you can say to yourself to help yourself be more positive and can help you feel better. For example:

I am a positive person

I am optimistic

I believe in myself

I can find the positive in any situation

I am positive at all times

3. Try Some Aerobic Exercise. When you have worry your body gets adrenaline. When you have that energy, if you focus it on aerobic activity, it will be very helpful for you. That is because exercise has a lot of benefits for helping with worrisome thoughts.

Exercise will help you with healthier breathing and can distract you. When you exercise your body gets chemicals called endorphins which will improve your mood.

Some fun exercises to do or physical activity every day are:

Walking, hiking, running, biking, swimming, dancing to music, yoga, lifting weights, sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, walleyball, volleyball, bowling, hockey, canoeing, cross-country skiing, rowing.

4. Do activities that are fun for you to calm you down.

What are your hobbies? Your hobbies are fun activities that can help you relax. Your hobbies are some activities that you should be able to go to, to help you relax and calm down when you get worrisome thoughts. An activity can even be resting in your bed listening to music to get that sense of alone feeling to calm yourself down. You can also rest in quiet and try relaxation exercises or meditation. This could be a good time in peace and quiet to try affirmations to help yourself feel better. Do you like to listen to music, play an instrument, sing, paint, make jewelry, read books, write in a journal, play video games, watch movies, play sports, go for a walk, workout at the gym, or go biking? These are all examples of activities that can help a person focus better on a task to help lessen worry. If you do not want to be alone, find a person to do an activity with that you think can be of benefit who can lift up your spirits.

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