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The Tabata Cardio Workout Routine

More and more athletes and fitness trainers have come to discover the tremendous benefits of a tabata cardio workout. This cardio workout is considered by many as one of the most advanced interval workout, helping people who exercise to reach a higher level of fitness, enhancing their endurance and at the same time burning more calories.

Why Choosing Tabata Workouts?

This modern type of interval training is loved by both fitness professionals and researchers due to its simplicity and unmatchable fat-torching abilities. A Tabata workout is extremely easy to follow, because it consists of alternating short periods of rest with short but intense exercises. There are many exercises compatible with this new technique, from aerobic exercises such as rowing and running to strength exercises like lifting weights.

How to Use The Tabata Training Method

There are some steps you need to follow before going further with this method. First and foremost, make sure that you have picked the right exercises to include in your training session. Some of the most common Tabata workouts are:

– Bicycle Sprints. The truth is that this method is the perfect choice when you want to engage your lower body and in the same time to skyrocket your heart rate.

– Hindu Squats. Another famous method that is extremely useful when you want to engage a wide variety of muscles and to get your heart rate up.

– Jumping Lunges. This type of cardio exercise is extremely beneficial at toning your hip area.

– Box Jumps. Surely one of the best cardio tabata exercise, because it uses almost all your groups of muscles.

After choosing the right exercise for your needs, you have to ensure that you have the proper equipment for the work. Lastly, you need to decide upon the intervals between the exercises. A sample of a Tabata cardio exercises plan could be:

– 15 Barbell Squats (interval 1 and 3)

– 20 Pushups (2 and 5)

– 20 Chin Ups (4 and 7)

– 4 Minutes of Sprinting in Place (intervals 6 and 8)

For these exercises, you would need a chin up bar, surface mat and a barbell with weights. Each training lasts around 4 minutes and has 8 intervals. After each interval, make sure you rest for about 20 seconds. After the first 4 intervals, rest for a couple of minutes. These cardio and strength exercises should make you sweat a lot, which will consequently lead to an improved metabolism and an enhanced weight loss process.

If you want to see some improvements in your fitness, you need to benefit of both a proper rest and a balanced diet. Since Tabata is a high intensity interval training, you will definitely feel exhausted the following day. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that you will get plenty of rest the following day. Moreover, make sure you eat plenty of fruits and meat, because you will need an extra amount of protein and energy. Lastly, don’t forget to warm up and to stretch before and after each workout.

Benefits of Tabata Cardio Workout

There are several benefits of a Tabata workout. Some of the most renowned are:

1. Muscle Tissue Retention. While a diet which is not based on a professional diet plan could lead to a loss of muscle tissue, this breakthrough method from Japan places the stran right on the muscle tissue. Consequently, they send a signal to the brain that more muscle tissue is needed. As a direct result, the muscle tissue is increased and the total ratio of lean muscle mass goes up.

2. Both the Anaerobic and Aerobic are Increased. Our bodies’ aerobic capacity (usually called the maximum oxygen uptake) represents the greatest amount of oxygen that can be consumed while exercising. On the other hand, the anaerobic capacity represents the maximum amount of energy our body can produce in the absence of oxygen. The study conducted by Dr. Tabata showed that those who practice tabata cardio workouts on a regular basis benefit of an increase of up to 14% in their aerobic capacity and 28% in the anaerobic capacity.

3. Fat Loss. Due to an increase of your metabolic rates, tabata workouts doubles the rate at which the fat is burned by your body. There are thousands of people out there who started to practiced these exercises and only after one months they have lost over 10 pounds. The truth is that this method really works, and it is a 100% natural way to shed off the extra pounds you have. However, don’t forget about getting enough sleep and having a proper diet.

4. Save Time. Lastly, a proper tabata cardio workout won’t take more than 30-40 minutes every other day. Because of this, you will have plenty of time for other important tasks, so you can stay on top of your schedule.

A tabata cardio workout is an activity that certainly deserves your interest.

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