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Promoting Your Gym Business On St Patrick’s Day

For those planning to promote their gym, St. Patrick’s Day could be the perfect occasion. You could join in the parades and green talk and also promote your gym. The numerous sporting activities, dancing, and food provide ample opportunities if things are dealt with the right perspective. While participating in the community’s celebration is quite nice, you also get the chance to attract potential customers. Hence to leave a lasting impression on your community this St. Patrick’s Day, here are some ideas that would work wonders for your gym.

Dance To The Tune Of Irish Workout Music

With all the jumping and tapping involved, Irish dances are an effective aerobic activity to strengthen the legs. This is quite evident by the beautiful legs of Irish dancers. And people who participate in the parades would love to learn Irish dance moves and be a part of all the fun. Undoubtedly, it is the right time for your gym to cash in this opportunity.

March In The Parade

You could have your members and trainers join in with a local civic group or college and participate in the parade. This is a great chance for your team to flaunt their bodies while participating in the parade. Some members of your team could wear a leprechaun costume with the gym’s name written over it.

Have A Green Gym

The importance of going green is usually highlighted around St. Patrick’s Day. Why not invest a little for going green as the Day approaches and increase the member base? You could do something to prevent greenhouse gasses and also reduce generation of excess papers of coupon invoices and billing.


Green being an integral part of St. Patrick’s Day, your gym can organize a gardening activity on this day and send out the message of remaining fit by working out and the importance of clean living.

Let Members Go Outside and Go Green

Your gym’s members could jog outside the gym as part of St Patrick’s Day Workout or get involved in a Green Bootcamp for some days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. In addition to being a fun activity for your participating members, you also attract attention for your gym.

Green Tech

Make use of your website for promoting the numerous activities that you have planned for the St. Patrick’s Day. Send out emails and offers that you plan to present as part of your promotion.

Organize a Rugby Match

The game of Rugby is very popular during St. Patrick’s Day. If there is a chain of gyms, the members could play together a friendly rugby game. This helps in getting support for each team and also acts as a promotional activity. These activities help in the promotion of loyalty of the members to the gym and increase the retention rate of the members.

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