Simple Portion Control Methods to Lose Weight and Get Fitter

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Portion control methods don’t necessarily mean you eat small amounts or precisely measure the amount of food on your plate. When we eat too much, we may just need to retrain our brains to see portions as satisfying. Portion control is an important step.

Simple Portion Control Methods to Lose Weight and Get Fitter

Simple Portion Control Methods for Weight Loss

Various studies have shown that piling up plates without proper portions can accumulate more calories in the body. You don’t need to weigh or measure every bite or compare food sizes. The following practical tips and methods can help us to manage our portions, and weight, and make us enjoy food more.

Reduce Your Plate Size

The first trick you can try is to replace your dinner plate with a smaller salad plate. The color of the plate also matters because a study found that serving food on a high-contrast plate can help you eat less. Check your cutlery, you can use a small spoon or chopsticks when eating noodles.

Eat at a Leisurely Pace

In general, most people need about 20 minutes for the brain to realize that they are full. So slowing down your meals can help you eat less. It also gives your brain time to catch up with your stomach.

Savor What You Eat

It sounds counterintuitive, but eating less can help you enjoy your food more. These portion control methods focus on your food rather than relaxing in front of a computer screen or TV screen and savoring the food more. So you can use all your senses to enjoy it.

Drink a Glass of Water Before Meals

Some people cannot drink large amounts of water. By downing a glass of water 30 minutes before your meal plan, the H2O will fill the space in your stomach and might help you eat less. You can feel full earlier and eat less.

Be More Selective After Eating

Usually, after a meal, you will feel less full and need another snack. For this reason, you can end your meal with fruit instead of cake, chocolate, and other snacks. An apple can help fill you up more than a few boxes of chocolates. Moreover, both have approximately the same number of calories. Also, don’t eat excess starchy carbs during or after your meal. If you do want bread or starchy carbohydrate foods as a side, you need to reduce the portion or amount.

Ask for Smaller Portions When Eating Out

When eating out, you need to be careful with large portions. It is easier to avoid temptation when food is not on your plate. So, say no to overflowing baskets of junk food or other foods. These are some portion control methods that you can apply in your daily life.